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Nails are smooth common nails sold in 50 lb. boxes.

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Nails are smooth common nails sold in 50 lb. boxes.  Approximate quantity per box and recommended uses for each available size are outlined in the table below.

recommended nail pattern shown on thumbnail picture.  Note: flags or burrs on nails will damage bowls

Nail Size Code Qty/Box Recomended Uses
16d-3.5″ N1650 2350+/- Primary for <6′ trees, secondary nails
20d-4″ N2050 1500+/- Primary for 6-8′ trees, secondary for 6-10′ trees
30d-4.5″ N3050 1150+/- Primary for 8-10′ trees, secondary for 10’+
40d-5″ N4050 1150+/- Primary for 10-12′ trees
60d-6″ N6050 550+/- Primary for 12-15′ trees

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 6 in

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