Most products are purchased F.O.B. point of origin from our facility located at 135 Pahlone Pkwy, Salida, CO 8120 USA. Your order will be shipped by best method determined by our customer service staff or you can arrange your representative to pick up for you. Should your order exceed small package ground size or weight limits, or is less expensive to ship on a pallet (Freight), a “Common Carrier” will be selected to expedite your freight delivery. For rush shipments, please request Next Day, 2nd or 3rd day. All shipping charges are prepaid by Pursell Manufacturing and added to the customer’s invoice. Any additional charges for services requested by the customer, including but not limited to inside delivery, special routing, residential delivery or pre-delivery notification must be paid by the customer.

For details concerning our Flat Rate Shipping program please click link below to our Pricing and Shipping Guide:

Pricing and Shipping Guide – Pursell Manufacturing (

Important Information regarding Palletized Shipping Orders

  • Unloading and liftgates: Customer is responsible for unloading all freight. Should you not have the equipment to unload a truck, please request a “liftgate” for unloading for a small fee. Driver is responsible to place pallets on the back of a truck or immediately off the liftgate platform. Any service beyond the tail of the truck is considered an inside delivery.
  • Inside Deliveries: Please specify if you need inside delivery when placing your order. If you request for a driver to place your pallet in a specific location other than immediately at the tail of the truck, you may be charged an inside delivery fee. Pursell Manufacturing is not responsible for any inside delivery fee. All accessorial charges will be passed on to the customer. It is less expensive to pay for it upfront than to be surprised by a larger bill later.
  • Prior Notification (Delivery appointment): Please specify if you need a delivery appointment or prior notification of delivery. Usually, prior notifications occur day or days before delivery when a carrier sets up a delivery appointment. Selecting a prior notification often causes extra delays for a shipment, so that the freight company can make the necessary phone calls and arrangements after the freight arrives to their terminal. Due to regulations, drivers will not carry mobile phones and will not be able to call you hours or minutes before they arrive.
  • Redelivery Fees: If a driver shows up to deliver and is unable to access or complete delivery due to restricted access or no one available to unload or sign the delivery receipt, your order will be taken back to the carrier’s terminal and you will be charged a redelivery fee. If you did not request a liftgate and are unable to unload, the trucking company will take your order back to the terminal and you will be charged a redelivery fee and a liftgate fee.
  • Shipping Window/Guaranteed Service: When you place an order to ship at a future ship date, you must specify a delivery window of at least 1 week. If the shipping window is less than a week and you need delivery at a certain time and date, you will need to specify and pay for “Guaranteed service”. Due to Covid, many carriers are not actually guaranteeing service, this just moves your freight to a priority status to move in front of non-priority freight. Deliveries requested on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday on the week of Thanksgiving are automatically placed in “guaranteed service” status and charged accordingly. Common carriers delivering pallets do not delivery on Holidays, weekends, and do not deliver Thursday or Friday of Thanksgiving week.