TNI Red/Green Knitted Netting 23″x1040′, 1″ mesh, 3/pk (priced by the cartridge)



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TNI 23″ x 1040′ Red/Green Christmas Tree Netting, 1 inch mesh, 3/pack. See video below for demonstration

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TNI Red/Green Christmas Tree Netting 23″x1040′, 3/pk (priced by the cartridge)

Compress and Package your trees for easy handling

Customer Convenience, Increase Profits, Reduce Labor, Easy to Use

Provide your customers with packaged Christmas Trees for easy handling.  A netted Christmas tree not only makes transporting simple, but also makes it easy to bring the tree through doorways without damaging the tree or house.   It is like putting handles on the tree!   The Christmas tree baling system provides an economical way to increase customer convenience and keep them coming back year after year. Choose from the two different varieties of netting shown below.

Netting is priced by the cartridge, but packaged for shipment 3 cartridges per bale.  For example, single bale of 23” TNI netting would be 3 cartridges at $49.95 each, totaling $149.85.

Woven vs. Extruded: What’s the difference?

Woven netting is looped together in small links, making a strong fiber offering a soft feel, which easily compacts for shipping and disposal, available in TNI’s Red and Green striped. Extruded netting is formed from stiffer continuous monofilament fibers, which are “welded” together every 2 inches, allowing for great compression and easy transport of the tree.  All our netting is recyclable and is made of recycled material in the USA.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 1.33 in